How To Complete The Best Essay On Catcher In The Rye

Catcher in the Rye is a very famous American novel that is widely read in schools and college around the country. Due to this, many students are tasked with writing an essay on the novel. This makes it very hard to stand out and be unique to get the best grade possible. However, we have made this guide on how to complete the best paper on Catcher in the Rye, which will show you exactly how to stand out.


You will be expected to take a closer look at many aspects of the novel and to perform an analysis on these things. The things to look out for include literary devices, themes, plot, characters and historical context.

When performing an analysis you are not just expected to list off the aforementioned things in the novel, but rather you are expected to answer questions such as why you think the author used that particular literary device, whether it fulfilled its purpose, what social commentary is the author trying to make and your own opinion on the matter.

If you want your essay to be the absolute best then you also may include literary criticism. This means that you include the opinion of a critic of he novel and analyze it and state whether or not you agree with the criticism. Not many students will go above and beyond to implement this into their work, so you will stand out by doing this.


You need to have a simple and clear structure to your Catcher in the Rye essay so that it is easy for your audience to follow your analysis and talking points. If your structure is messy then, even if you have the most detailed and insightful analysis, it will still be marked low. We suggest the following guidelines for your paper:

  • Introduction: State your thesis statement and provide an overview of what you will be discussing in your paper.
  • Main body: This is where you should perform your anaysis of the book and present your main talking points.
  • Conclusion: This is where you restate your thesis statement and tie it together with the analysis you performed in the main body.

We hope that our guide on how to perform a good analysis, along with how to properly structure your paper has helped you in understanding how to compose the best essay on the novel Catch in the Rye.