Collection Of 7 Original Jane Eyre Essay Topics

Jane Eyre is a great book to read and analyze, and it’s also introduced to students often, so you may be assigned to write a Jane Eyre essay one day. The topic choice is very important here, as a good one is half a success of the whole paper. There are hundreds of questions that can be asked, and many of them have already been answered. No matter whether you want to bring a new light to an existing question or ask a new one, a proper topic is crucial.

7 Suggestions for Your Essay on Jane Eyre

  1. The way you see Jane Eyre is a truly Gothic novel.
  2. It is indeed, but how do you show it to a person that doesn’t know it? Gothic literature has certain characteristics vividly shown within the book.

  3. The value of names in the novel.
  4. Every name must have something behind it, as usually nothing is purely random in books. Start with the protagonist and describe her name and its meaning for the novel.

  5. Jane the narrator vs. Jane the character.
  6. Describe how you see the protagonist in the two of her representations. Do you believe her when she talks or there’s always something to read between the lines?

  7. Jane Eyre: a feminist or anti-feminist novel?
  8. If you consider it a feminist novel, prove your point of view by comparing the treatment women had during Victorian era and what you see in the book. Also think about the marriage topic described vividly: does this make the novel anti-feminist?

  9. Social position and the conflict of Jane Eyre.
  10. Her social position play was quite ambiguous, so may this be the basis for her conflict? What else does the novel have in it about the social class division of Victorian Era?

  11. Characters interaction in the novel.
  12. Speak your mind about the character pairs like Blanche and Jane or St. John and Rochester. Talk about their comparison and contrast, and why are they shown in the book.

  13. Reed and Rivers families comparison.
  14. What can you say about these two families? Do they contribute something valuable to the plot of the book?


    Jane Eyre is a novel with many meanings and layers, so you need to read it very attentively to spot all the details that make it so unique. Writing a good essay on any of the topics will help you understand it even better. There are many interesting things to describe and analyze, so you will eventually find what you like.