How Not To Use Worn-Out Ideas: Tips For Writing An Essay About William Shakespeare

Shakespeare’s plays are incredibly popular. The fact that they are still performed centuries after they were originally written is a testament to that fact. Due to Shakespeare’s prowess of the written word, today many students are asked to write essays on Shakespeare himself, and on his plays. Although this means that students curse him, as opposed to marveling his genius, it does not mean that you still have to use worn-out ideas for your paper. This article will show you how to inject some innovation into your Shakespeare play.

  • Biography
  • When you are writing a William Shakespeare essay it is good to familiarize yourself with his life to see further context into his plays. Also including a bit of information about his life and making links between it and his plays can gain you some extra marks, especially since it shows your research and analysis skills.

    The best way to read about Shakespeare’s life is through taking out books from your school’s library, or by searching up his biography online. You should seek to make links between the historical contexts of the time he lived in and how this affects his plays, or how they were views by his contemporaries.

  • Literary Devices
  • No paper about William Shakespeare can be complete without a complete analysis on the literary device his mind employed in his plays. Shakespeare mastered the use of imagery and used this to great effect in his writing.

    So, when you are analyzing a play of Shakespeare’s look out for his use of similes and metaphors. Many of his characters use this form of imagery to convey a certain point to the audience. It is important that you not only list these literary devices, but also analyze them to a great extent.

    For example, you should answer questions such as why Shakespeare choose to employ that specific type of imagery, or what is the intended effect of him trying to use that type of imagery.

  • Plays
  • It is a good idea to go visit and see a Shakespeare play in action at the theatre. This will allow you to see how the literary devices he employs play out in front of a live audience, and makes you understand exactly why he used them.

    It is also a fun experience to go witness the beauty of Shakespeare’s plays in a form outside of just the words. However, that is not the only benefit to seeing his plays live, as you can also use the performance of the plays in your essay and make comments on how certain devices or characters play out in reality. This will show your teachers how much effort you have put into your work and will definitely make you stand out from your classmates.

For further information on how to compose William Shakespeare essays follow this link.

As you can see, you need to perform a great deal of analysis on Shakespeare’s plays to stand out, along with even going to visit a theater to watch his play. But the experience is so enjoyable that it is worth your time and effort.