Great Argumentative Essay Topics for Any Assignment

An argumentative essay is a type of writing where one makes an argument on a topic using facts and examples. It aims to debate a specific subject matter and not to explain it. Therefore, the writer is required to research the subject thoroughly to back his/her point of view. Writing an argumentative essay as a student is inevitable. However, finding a suitable topic for your essay could be stressful. Your choice of theme will determine your readers’ reactions to the completed work. We have, therefore, decided to make your job easier by taking you through the rudiments of argumentative essays and choosing the right topic. 

Models of Argumentative Essay

There are two main models of an argumentative essay.

  • The Toulmin model

This is the most popular model for argumentative essay writing. It comprises an introduction stating your claim and supporting it with data. The writer also comprises rebuttals to strengthen their stance and to deal with any future counterarguments.

  • The Rogerian model

With this, the writer deals with both sides of the argument by assessing each’s strengths and weaknesses. Afterward, they come up with a conclusion.

The common practice in the respective models is that the writer needs to back their argument with evidence and examples.

Requirements for a Great Argumentative Essay

When writing an argumentative essay, you should base your views on new or established research. There is no room for speculations or the expression of thoughts and sentiments. Here are some requirements;

  • State your case 

You need to be on the other side of an issue to argue it effectively. Your duty is the change the reader’s line of thinking to embrace your view. You will, therefore, need to develop a strong argument based on research, evidence, and examples. 

  •  A strong Thesis 

The thesis forms the base of your argument. It entails the message you want to send out and should be clear and strong. A well thought through thesis always wins. Don’t write a long paragraphed sentence; just a sentence will do. 

  • Research 

You can’t write an excellent argumentative essay without doing adequate research. Note that this is not about your opinion or feelings. It’s either you do personal research or read widely on the subject to gather the views of others. 

Topic Ideas for an Argumentative Essay

  1. Should parents be allowed to alter their unborn children?
  2. Is GMO helpful or harmful to humans?
  3. Should vaccination be compulsory for students?
  4. Should governments allow social media networks to user data?
  5. Has the internet truly serve its purpose?
  6. Should colleges consider paying athletes on the sports teams?
  7. Should coaches and players earn the same pay?
  8. Should religious bodies pay taxes like any other business?
  9. Should schools entertain religious activities?
  10. Should schools include religious studies in their curriculum?
  11. Should birth control pills be assessable to minors without their guardian's consent?
  12. Should authorities make assisted suicide legal?
  13. Should America continue with the Electoral College system, and how effective is it?
  14. Should Puerto Rico be given a republican status?
  15. Should governments consider the legalization of sex work?