Examples of Persuasive Essay Topics

Choosing the right and relevant topic helps students to express their thoughts explicitly on a subject matter. The same can also be said of writing an argument based persuasive essay. This article, therefore, aims to give you a clear understanding of what is a persuasive essay, and some topic ideas.

What is a Persuasive Essay?

A persuasive essay requires the use of facts and logical reasoning to express a thought on a subject matter. In doing so, a student needs to convince the audience to accept his/her viewpoint. 

Mastering the art of argumentative writing is critical, as it helps to handle real-life issues. As a student, you need such skills to build your ideology on a topic or become a critical thinker. Also, if you aspire to become a good lobbyist, lawyer, or politician etc., then you need this skill.

Writing a persuasive essay

Before you start penning your essay, specific measures should be in place. First of all, you need to choose an;

  • Engaging topic

To argue very well, you need a good theme, which you are abreast with, and relevant in the current social or political environment. This creates an interest among your audience to read or listen more.

  • Enough research

You can’t write a knowledge-based persuasive essay without doing enough research on the chosen topic. Read more books and do internet research on the issue before you start writing. 

  • Take a clear stance

“Beating about the bush” makes an argument uninteresting, fluffy, and not persuasive enough. To avoid such occurrence, be clear in your position and stand by it, avoiding any deviations. 

  • Know your audience 

Persuasive writing aims to convince an audience to buy into your thinking. Therefore, knowing the people you are writing for, and their level of thinking helps you to engage them in the best manner. 

  • Engage your audience

No one wants to read a boring paper, no matter how in-depth you think it is. So make it enjoyable especially at the introduction level, to catch their attention. You can also ask rhetorical questions to wipe them in line. 

Persuasive Essay Topics

The first step to writing a persuasive essay is choosing the right topic. This allows you to flow since you are already cognizant of the matter. Here are some argumentative essay topics to choose from.

Topics for Kids

  • Should kids sleep late? 
  • Should We Be Allowed to Eat Sweets Every Day
  • Why Dogs Are Better Pets than Cats

Topics for Elementary Students

  • Schools Should Cancel Uniform
  • Homework Should Be made Optional
  • Students can use mobile phones in school
  • School Breaks should Be Longer
  • Schools should introduce Play Time in Between Classes

Topics for Middle School

  • Should There Be Harsher Punishments for Bullying?
  • Is having Less Homework a Good Idea?
  • The Pros and Cons of Summer Schooling
  • The adverse effects of Violent TV Shows 
  • Roles Social Media play on the Lives of Younger Generations
  • Is Violent Computer Games Harmful to Kids?

Topics for High School

  • Is College Education Still a Necessity?
  • Cyber Bullying Is a Big Issue in High School
  • Why Students Should Be Allowed to Wear the Clothing They Wish
  • Why Grades Don’t Reflect Students’ Knowledge
  • Sex Education Should Be thought in Schools

Topics for College Students

  • Pro and cons of Student Loans
  • Students Should be prevented from Bringing Children to College Classes
  • Gap Year: When Is It a Good Idea?
  • College Athletes Should Have More Benefits in their Academic Lives
  • Why Campus Accommodation Should Be Free of Charge