Coming Up With Harry Potter Essay Topics To Complete A Wonderful Paper

Harry Potter novels have infiltrated the mainstream culture, and have become a large part of both modern cinema and literature. The novels have gained popularity for its original story and its appeal to both adults and children alike. Due to this, it is a very common essay subject given to students to complete during their time at school and college. Because many students partake in composing a paper on Harry Potter, it can be quite tough to stand out. However, it is still possible to stand out and we have just the right topics for you to chose to achieve this goal and catch the eye of your teacher.

Harry Potter

Before we get on to the original topics you can choose for your Harry Potter paper, it is good to understand what you need to do in your essay about Harry Potter to achieve success. Firstly, you should be performing an analysis on the novel.

This means that you look at the literary devices the author, JK Rowling, uses to present the character and story in Harry Potter. This includes analyzing the imagery, themes and character of the novel.

The mistake that many students make here is that they simply list these literary devices without accompanying it with deep analysis. When you perform an analysis you need to delve deeper inside the mind of the author and try to understand why the author used those devices and how effective it is to achieve the intended effect.


Now that you know how to compose your paper on Harry Potter, we can move on to discussing good topics to write your essay about. There are many books to choose from in your essay about the subject.

Many students will choose to focus on the shorter books because they do not need to put in as much effort. Thus, a way for you to stand out is through choosing to primarily focus on some of the longer books in the series.

The following are some excellent topics to base your paper on:

  • Should Harry Potter have married Hermoine instead of Ginny?
  • Compare and contrast the charatcers of Dumbledore and Severus Snape
  • Who displays more bravery: Ron or Hermoine?
  • Apart from Harry Potter, which other character receives full development by JK Rowling
  • How would you feel if a paralel wizard world, similar to the one found in Harry Potter, were to exist today?
  • Is voldemore evil due to his nature or due to his traumatic childhood?
  • If you had to choose from hallows or horcrux, which would you choose?
  • Are you happy with the way the Harry Poter series ended?

These topics will allow you to analyze the literary devices JK Rowling uses in further detail that will bring you success in your assignment.

Composing a Harry Potter paper can seem like a daunting task, since you need to use the knowledge of seven books, of which many are long reads. However, you can stand out really easily by choosing a topic from our recommended list of topics.