What’s To Be Done To Write A Decent Brave New World Analysis Essay

Brave new world is a widely read novel in many classrooms around the country. Huxley is widely celebrated to this day due to this masterpiece that he composed. It can be quite tough to write a decent analysis paper on the book due to its length and the complex topics it deals with. However, this guide will detail to you exactly what needs to be done to write a good essay on the topic.


When you are composing an analysis essay your goal is to analyze the different aspects of the novel. This does not mean that you merely list out the different aspects of the novel, but that you delve deeper and look into things such as why the author used a particular literary device, why the characters act in the way that they do, why did the author decide to use certain symbols in the book and what they represent.

The main aspects of the novel that you will be analyzing will be the literary devices, themes, characters, plot, symbols and historical context. You should try to analyze as many of these as possible as the more you analyze the higher you will be graded.


Another important aspect to achieving a decent mark in your Brave New World essay is the structure of your paper. Since you will be writing about complex issues the book deals with you need to ensure that your writing is easy to read and understand. Due to this, we recommend that your paper follow a simple structure that we have outlined below:

  • Introduction: The introduction should be composed of a thesis statement and then an overview for the reader so that they can be aware of what you will be talking about.
  • Main body: The main body of your paper should be where you analyze the novel. There are many ways you can set this out, for example, in each paragraph you disucss the different aspects of the novel.
  • Conclusion: Your conclusion should restate your thesis statement and show how your analysis backs it up. Do not introduce any new analysis in the conclusion, but discuss only thing things you already have.

These are all the things you need to score a decent mark on your essay on Brave New World. We hope that you follow our guidelines closely and achieve a lot of success with your paper and impress your professor.